Frequently Asked Questions

Please review the file and artwork submission guidelines below. If you have any questions about file formats, or have a specific question related to your project or a previous submission, please contact us directly.

Q: What are your minimums?

A: Our order minimum is 12 pieces per design/location.

Q: What does "per design/location" mean exactly?

A: If you wanted artwork on the front, back, and sleeve of your apparel, that would be 3 locations. Price per location depends on many factors like how many colors your artwork is and how many pieces you want.

Sometimes customers want the same design on multiple colors of apparel. Again, depending on the artwork, we may be able to use the same setup. But, for example, you wanted a design with multiple colors on a black/dark colored shirt and a white/light colored shirt, it may require additional costs because the setup may need to change.

We can always talk through your exact options as we work with you!

Q: I have multiple people to collect orders from. What are my options?

A: You can always provide us with final numbers and payment, if the information is easy to collect.

If you are dealing with "Fan of" shirts, for instance, we will provide you with an order form that can be printed off and used by anyone to collect orders and payment.

For spiritwear or larger team orders – especially when there are details on the items such as player names or player numbers, we can set up an online store where orders can be placed for a period of time.

Q: How do I send you my artwork?

A: Email is preferred. To help us avoid the spambots, please use our contact form to get in touch and we will provide you the details!

pQ: What format do you need?

A: Vector-based artwork is preferred (e.g. EPS, AI, or PDF). All text must be converted to outlines before submitting. [Note: saving an image as a PDF will not convert it to a vector-based image.]

If you have artwork in a different format we may be able to convert it to vector format for you. Please contact us for your options.

Q: How long will it take to get my finished product?

A: That depends on several factors including how many items you need and if we need to convert your artwork. In some cases we can turn projects in as little as 48 hours. Please contact us for a more personalized turn time.